Beachleaf Tumble

'Rastus' is a kind, honest and biddable cocker, available at stud. His mother is a quick, chocolate bitch that Joe had in for training from a client. He liked her so much that when her owner decided to mate her with Edward's FTW Sealpin Billabong he was sure to have a pup from the litter.

He has been easy to train and is the ideal shooting companion; reliable and efficient on rabbits, grouse, pheasants and partridge. Both his parents are chocolate and he himself is an attractive, speckled chocolate roan.

He has been tested unnaffected on the BVA/KC/ISDS eye scheme.

FTW Sealpin Tahiti

Tye is a little dog with a lot of character. Both her mother (FTW Sealpin Sultana Towser) and father (Sealpin Rolex) belonged to Edward. When Joe joined Edward at Sealpin kennels full time, Tye and her siblings were eight week old puppies and Edward set Joe the task of training six of the pups from the litter. Her other siblings are now with their new owners, with two of them enjoying life in France, but Tie has always shown competitive potential.

Joe won the Tyne, Tees and Tweed A/V Novice Trial at Pittington Co. Durham with Tye, before she was two years old. She is small but stocky, her size doesn't stop her picking big cock pheasants and hares with no messing around. Please get in touch if you would like to be considered for a puppy.